Welcome Note

For anyone who is interested, we are here to help those who are brave enough to share their problems. We don’t judge nor discriminate. With us, you are safe. Our only goal is to reach everyone’s recovery since we believe there is nothing more important than the health, and feeling good in your own skin.

Health Topic

There are all kinds of health disorders people should be more informed about.

Anxiety Disorder

Everyone feels anxious in certain situations, and that is completely normal. People with this kind of disorder feel like that all the time. It affects their lives on a daily basis.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It develops when a person had a very shocking and scary experience. People who have it, can feel frightened even when they don’t have a reason.

Bipolar Disorder

It causes shifts in energy, mood and level of activity as well. Therefore, it is hard to do simple everyday tasks.


This is a very serious disorder. It can affect the way a person thinks and feels. The symptoms have to be present for two weeks minimum, in order to be diagnosed with depression.

Eating Disorder

Sadly, these disorders are very common and quite serious. Not only they can lead to health issues, they are fatal as well. Eating disorders include bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating.

Suicide Prevention

There are many symptoms that can show if a person is thinking of suicide. Some of them are talking about killing themselves, searching online for ways do to it, using drugs and alcohol more often, etc.

Strong Note of Our Doctor

First and foremost, don’t neglect your health. People tend to ignore the symptoms and continue with their life. That may work for a certain amount of time, but it won’t last forever. Go to a doctor and check yourself. Don’ avoid the problem, fix it.


To prove are methods are efficient and our help is limitless, we asked some of our patients to talk about their experience. They were glad to share their happy ending.

Liliana-IacobacciMelissa Rosy

I have been dealing with eating disorders for quite some time and was on the verge of giving up. My parents sent me here as they were not ready to give up. As you can expect, after some time I got better. My state continued to improve and know I live a normal, satisfied life.

BradJohnsonGordon Williams

What I was most pleased with was their approach full of understanding and sincerity. I felt no judgement coming from them. That affected my previous rebellious behaviour. Finally, someone was giving me a helping hand instead of acting smart.

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