Mental Health Companions

Before, there was no much thought put in mental health. People didn’t see it as important as physical health. Even today, it is not as great as it could be. There are still countries that don’t see it as an important problem. Many think that disorders are just an excuse. However, things have improved and are certainly better than they have been before. We yet have a long way to go, but the future seems brighter. The proof of improving is mental health companions. These companions help people to achieve a better state of mind. They lead them to their recovery, plus they make them feel less alone. A lot of people that are suffering from some mental disorder don’t have the support. They are misunderstood and mistreated. Companions were created for such people. Nobody should feel helpless and abandoned. That way, they will never get better.

Apps as Companions

There are app companions that are really helpful. If you don’t have someone to talk to and share your feeling, you can do that online. Such an app is Moodpath App. It concentrates on depression and people who are suffering from it. If you are worried about yourself and are having a hard time, share your worries with the help of this app.


It will ask you questions every day, so you can be more aware of your emotions and thoughts. You can keep track of the previous days and see the difference or an improvement. That is not all. After a certain time, that is two weeks you will get a letter from a doctor. That letter can help you if you decide to talk to a professional. On top of that, you can watch a lot of videos and psychological exercises this app has prepared for you.

Animals as Companions

If you never thought about it, you can see it makes sense. If you ever had an animal, you can understand why they are a choice for a companion. Animals, especially dogs are full of unconditional love. It doesn’t matter how you look or what do you do, your pet will love you the same. They don’t have criteriums as people do. All they need is care and love. In return, they will give you the same, but ten times more. Next to them, you will feel loved and understood.


They won’t judge you or mistreat you. Everything you can’t get from a human, you can get from an animal. That doesn’t mean you should forget about people and avoid them. Animals can actually make you more confident when you have a social encounter. They will help you change in a positive way. Sometimes, we need a helping hand.